Lolita Theme Dress

 Lolita Theme Dress

The Lolita look came into unconventional fashion in the 1980s. Sprouting from the rock loving, unique youth of the city of Harajuku in Japan, the trend sports types of Lolita such as sweet, Gothic, or classic. Since the rise of the Lolita fashion, the styles have been perfect for those who don’t want to fit in with the common fish in the sea. Lolita themed dresses are a beautiful blend of modesty and beauty. Since the trend started, it has not only been growing in Japan but has now expanded into the interests of people all around the world.

Sailor suit Lolita

Amongst the many types of outfits such as Qi Lolita dress, Pirate Lolita dress, or the sweet Hime Lolita dress, one of the most prominent Lolita dress styles is the Sailor Lolita. Often found in much-loved manga and anime, similar to school uniforms, the sailor dress Lolita is a widely loved look that shouts desirability from the hill tops. There’s something about it that just has an undeniably charming feel. 

It isn’t too over-the-top and has beautiful finishing and colour combinations such as white on blue and minimal yet eye-catching lace stripes. The best feature of a sailor Lolita dress is the fact that it can easily be worn in any setting without being noticeably odd from the rest of the crowd, if anything you’d be the most appealing person. Our College Uniform Style Sailor Collar Navy Blue Stripes School Lolita Long Sleeve Dress is an example of this beautiful type of Lolita get-up. The nautical dress is minimalistic and designed in the traditional sailor style with a deep navy blue striped pattern fabric with white accents. It features a halter neckline with a gorgeously white pentagon collar. The dress is knee length with an elegant and royal hoop skirt style resembling a bouffant ball gown. It is similar to the Sailor Moon Lolita dress. The sleeves are full length and have beautiful white trims on them to match the rest of the dress design. The dress is made of high quality polyester which is durable and easily washable. 


We also have an exquisite pastel green dress sporting the white sailor style collar and a beautiful net bow. On the Green Sailor Collar Petal Pure Cotton Sleeve Dress, each stitch is carefully made and the quality of the dress is faultless. The dress is matte and very appropriate for any kind of occasion with its subtle and muted design. The fall of the dress is natural and comes down to slightly below the knees. Embroidered to perfection with understated thread patterns, it’s a truly picturesque creation. The fabric is 100% premium cotton, giving an ultra-soft to the touch feeling. All the lining and embroidery is also made from 100% luxury cotton to provide maximum quality and comfort. It comes with a wood buckle and will be flawless for someone wanting to go for a modest and premium look combined with comfort. The adult Lolita dress can be worn in the spring or summers without making you sweat, and can even be great for autumn and will keep you just warm enough thanks to the breathable yet cosy material. 

Cinderella Lolita 

The Cinderella Lolita has taken the traditional Lolita style of theme dressing and added a great contemporary twist to it. The fusion of Disney and Japanese tradition has made this invention truly magical and other worldly. The Cinderella Lolita dress is just perfect for the Disney lover who appreciates a great cosplay with a unique quirk. The theme of Cinderella is beautifully integrated into the Lolita dress, featuring the aspects of the original Cinderella character with the customary Japanese Lolita dress style. For the Gothic Lolita Dress lovers who want a classic style, we have the perfect black Cinderella themed Lolita dress. 

The Classic Cinderella Black Cotton And Satin Women Lolita Dress couldn’t get any better with its ultra-premium fabric construction and high-quality print. The Classic Lolita style dress has a drop-dead gorgeous lace corset tie on the back. The dress features a large Cinderella print going all around the hem. The white on black silhouette print features endearing scenes from the original Cinderella story such as the Prince kissing Cinderella’s hand and the Pumpkin carriage which took her to the ball. It even sports the scene in which the Prince fits the shoe onto Cinderella’s feet as well as the candle chandelier. 

It’s perfect for the Gothic Lolita girl who wants something that showcases her Disney affection in the right way according to her taste in a classy and traditional way. There is an elegant, large bow across the waist and a smaller one on the neckline. The hem is beautifully trimmed with lace and this particular one is a sleeveless Classic Lolita dress. Additionally, for the colour loving Lolita girl, the Cinderella Series Printing Classic Lolita Sling Dress is the most charismatic and delightful dress to be found. It also features enchanting scenes from Cinderella but in beautiful color portraits, guaranteed to wow any spectactor who lays eyes on this magnificent dress. It comes in three enchanting colors. The dark blue dress is a magnificent blue with cream colour and maroon illustrations adorning it. 

The bottom features a yellow frill with a double layer for that added Cinderella themed touch that can be spotted from afar. The other variation is a beautiful cream and Apricot colour with splashes of pink and light purple. The third option is a sky like light blue with accents of maroon and pink within the flower petals and garlands adorning the dress prettily. Made from premium Jacquard fabric, you can be sure you’re getting the best of the best with comfort and style at its maximum possible. This dress is definitely a Classic Lolita style dress and is pure eye-candy. The colours are not so flashy and very mature yet strikingly picturesque for an adult Lolita dress wearer. There’s something for everyone.


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